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It's official!

As of this afternoon's trip to the post office, I have a contract with the University of Iowa Press for a book tentatively titled The Ecology of Vidding.


My deadline is Dec. 31, which means that between now and then nobody is allowed to ask me "Shouldn't you be working on the book?" because everybody already knows that the answer is yes and if I'm not doing so it's because I'm doing teaching prep and/or I'm completely fried. I'm going to have to apologize to my students pre-emptively on the first day of class. *facepalm*

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Mazel tov!
Hee, thank you!
Oh, awesome! Congrats! :)
Thank you! ...and oh man, thank god for VividCon, which is likely to be my only chance for the next six months to watch vids other than the ones I am writing about. *facepalm*
Thank you! :D
Large-scale creative projects: so exciting! (Also so fucking difficult, but trying not to think about that part right now!)
That's FANTASTIC. Congratulations!
Thank you! I am excited! Also terrified, but trying to focus on the excitement!
OMG that is amazing!!! Congratulations!!!
:D :D :D
AWESOME. And what a compelling title! I look forward to reading it.

(Aside: My college roommate (also went to HS with) works for UoI press.

She is very *active* in Dr Who fandom)
Thank you! I am assuming that the title will stick, if only because titles exhaust me and I cannot imagine trying to come up with another one.

And that is interesting info about your former roommate. I've been assuming that there must be fans on staff, given that the press is starting a new fan studies series, but nobody has actually outed themselves to me yet.